Monday, December 30, 2013

Fondest Wishes for Critically Injured Michael Schumacher

Photo credit: Mercedes AMG

Throughout Sunday, I like many other Formula 1 racing fans have been paying close attention to the news. Once I heard the report of seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher suffering a head injury from a falling while skiing in France, I've been wishing for the best news. Regrettably, the news has not been so positive as the 44-year-old is comatose in critical condition.

Spending 19 seasons on the most prestigious open wheel racing series on the globe, many of us know him as the athlete who became a modern legend behind the wheel. Battling for every one of his 91 victories in 308 races, Schumacher is now, according to reports, fighting for his life at a hospital in Grenoble. At this time, Michael Schumacher has undergone at least one neurosurgery. Doctors now say they "cannot predict the future" of the former Formula 1 driver.

I mostly remain hopeful Michael Schumacher will possess the aggressive fight and peak human skill is demonstrated so many times in Formula 1 competition. A daring driver will once took out Damon Hill in order to secure his first Formula 1 title in 1994, one of my favourite performances illustrating Schumacher's tenacity occurred at the 1995 Belgian Grand Prix. As rain dampened he Spa-Francorchamp circuit, Michael Schumacher piloting his Benetton-Renault defied set opinions to stop for wet weather tires immediately. Remaining competitive in pace on a wet track with slick tires, Schumacher won that race in way few others would have succeeded.

Michael Schumacher's heart has been one of a champion. I wish for some positive development for him and his family. 

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