Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ferrari Gives Felipe Massa Powerful Send-off

Photo source: Ferrari North America

Since progressing to Formula 1 in 2002, Felipe Massa had been propelled by the engine power of a single auto company. Ferrari engines has powered Massa in all of his 193 Formula 1 races either through the factory Ferrari team or as part of Sauber (Ferrari powerplants were rebranded PETRONAS after the Sauber team's main sponsor at the time). In total, 11 grand prix victories, 15 pole positions and 816 career points were earned with the Massa/Ferrari pairing. For 2014, Felipe Massa will be driving a Mercedes-Benz powered Williams F1 Team vehicle ending a long, single chapter. Before leaving the Scuderia Ferrari team that he test drove for in 2002 and race with from 2006 to 2013, the Brazilian driver receives a special farewell from his soon former colleagues.

In a Christmas lunch in his honour at Maranello, Felipe Massa was given a classy reception bidding thanks to his time with the Ferrari team. Teammate Fernando Alonso, Team Principal Stefano Domenicali and Ferrari's Chairman and President Luca Cordero di Montezemelo participated on the farewell to Massa. Felipe Massa's final time spent with his 2013 team was an emotional one for the Brazilian. Recounting his time with Scuderia Ferrari, Massa stated, “Each one of you has always given me so much support, especially in the most difficult moments and I will never forget what Ferrari did for me when I had my accident in 2009. It’s in these circumstances that one understands what it means to be really loved and the atmosphere at Ferrari and the unique feeling of being part of the family is something I will miss a lot.”

As a going-away present, Ferrari presented Felipe Massa with a type 56 race engine used in the F2008 race car during the 2008 season. This particular Ferrari V-8 engine carries a great amount of significance to Massa's Formula 1 career. Winning six races with the Ferrari F2008, Felipe Massa lost the Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship title by a single point to Lewis Hamilton. Massa leaves Ferrari is a memento to great times and memories of mutual accomplishments as he prepares to face-off against his former mates as a competitor with Williams in 2014.

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