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Salutations to Readers of 1 Racing Mind:

So you might be wondering why it has taken me about three years to finally provide a brief biography explaining myself. Who am I? Why do I write? And the most important question; why should anything I say or present matter in a world where sources are plentiful and opinions are now found throughout the Internet? Please allow me to answer all of those questions.

My name is Chris Nagy and I am the founder and writer of this blog. My love affair for automobiles and many things related to automotive culture had propelled me to be curious. For a child with communication difficulties, the automobile has given me an area I can grow confidence in myself. To this day, the non-judgemental nature of cars continues to welcome me to seek to know everything about them. Driven to study Mechanical Engineering, I graduated with a diploma earned through the intense understanding of the highly technical aspects of automobiles as well as the industry itself. While in college, an opportunity presented itself for a speech-impaired individual searching for any voice. More than a decade since producing by first article on the Georgian College Auto Show, that first instant gave myself a chance to spread by personality that had remained locked up. Though my actual speaking abilities have improved, it is only because the initial readers of my articles provided me the motivation to know I had the power to be expressive.

Endeavouring into professional writing, I began writing for several magazines such as Inside Track Racing News, Sport Compact National and World of Wheels honing my skills. In time, I was able to explore the vast on-line portals writing for, (now part of Autobytel) and for more than two years for Appreciating the occasional praise and feel hurt by the coldness of some on-line personas, the person writing the articles remains very much moved by his enthusiasts instincts.

Having written for numerous printed and on-line publications, I started XSL Speed Reporter as my interest in motorsports provoked me to cover a field for which I had no conduit to report before. Through this channel, I aim to present race reports and news. It's my goal to create unique, insightful content with some perspective on the motorsport action and talent residing in my home country of Canada. NASCAR, Formula 1, IZOD INDYCAR and sports car racing are areas of interest I enjoyed sharing on XSL Speed Reporter fearing all worlds are too vast to be covered on only a single site. I'll do my best to provide insightful, thoughtful work worthy of your time.

Through this new web channel 1 Racing Mind, I thoroughly desire you will enjoy my current work and deeply aspire to have your future attention.

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