Sunday, August 27, 2017

1 Racing Mind's 2017 Formula 1 Summer Break Report Card: Haas F1 Team

Photo Credit: Steven Tee/LAT Images

Team Grade: C+

Driver Grades
Romain Grosjean: C
Kevin Magnussen: C+

Since debuting in 2016, the Haas F1 Team could be categorized as one of the most fun organizations to watch on a grand prix weekend. While we are currently accustomed to Mercedes AMG, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing at the front of the field, the sophomore American-derived race team has shown some impressive performances for a rather young group.

For 2017, Kevin Magnussen replaced Esteban Gutierrez at the Haas F1 Team. Leaving the Renault organization, Magnussen ultimately followed the same path to Haas as his teammate Romain Grosjean did (Grosjean left the organization during its transition from the Lotus F1 Team). Together, Magnussen and Grosjean has shown themselves to be roughly equal performers with the team. Romain Grosjean captured the best single race results for the Haas F1 Team with a sixth place at the Austrian Grand Prix.

After 11 races, the Haas F1 Team has collected the same amount of points in the constructors’ standings as it did all season in 2016. A highlight for the 2017 campaign, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen combined to deliver their young race team its first double scoring performance at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Thoughts of Team for Remainder of 2017:

With little more than half of the 2017 season concluded, the team’s confidence in their drivers is solidified by the news both Grosjean and Magnussen have already been retained for 2018. Showing some gains over 2016, Haas F1 Team’s 2017 effort still displays a level of infancy with the organization. An area of improvement for the Haas F1 Team should be in reliability. Both team drivers have three retirements apiece in the first 11 Formula 1 events.

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