Saturday, July 26, 2014

Introduction to the 1 Racing Mind 2014 Formula 1 Mid-Season Report

Photo Credit: Pirelli/Andrew Hone Photographer

Entering the end of July, the premier open wheel spectacle has crossed an important threshold this season. The 2014 Formula 1 series is a global tour consisting of 19 races. Following the German Grand Prix, the sport has crossed into the second-half of the season.

With more than half of the events completed, some clear conclusions can be made regarding the competitiveness of drivers and teams up to this point. Through the upcoming series of postings, 1 Racing Mind will be grading each Formula 1 team on their effectiveness so far during this 2014 campaign. Along with highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each team, teams as well as individual drivers will also receive a grade for the season so far.

Grading of each driver will not only reflect their overall performance but expectations heading into the 2014 season. Therefore, some rookie drivers and teams that have struggled in past years may receive high report card grades based on their performances after 10 races.

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