Saturday, July 26, 2014

1 Racing Mind 2014 Formula 1 Mid-Season Report: Red Bull Racing

Photo Credit: Pirelli Photo Service

Red Bull Racing

Team Score: C

Sebastian Vettel: C-
Daniel Ricciardo: B+

The dominant team in the grand prix paddock for several seasons, Red Bull Racing has found themselves unseated from to top of the podium in all but one race this season. Facing reliability problems in pre-season testing, the Red Bull-Renault RB10 arrived in Australia with not only technical gremlins but troubles with fuel consumption (new criteria limiting the amount of fuel burned by a race car cost Red Bull Racing and Daniel Ricciardo a podium result in post-race).

The only team other than Mercedes AMG to pull off a race win this season, the surreal part of the Red Bull Racing picture for 2014 has been the fact newcomer Daniel Ricciardo is outperforming his championship defending teammate Sebastian Vettel. Vettel has been enduring a slump few would have forecasted heading into the season.

Improvements for Second-Half of 2014: Daniel Ricciardo is performing at least at par for what Red Bull Racing could have expected heading into the year. However, the team needs to desperately recapture its magic that proved so powerful in the past four seasons. Needless to say, Sebastian Vettel must recover his mojo in the cockpit. Better performances in qualifying could grant the Red Bull-Renault a better shot at celebrations like the one in Canada.

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