Thursday, August 20, 2015

1 Racing Mind 2015 Formula 1 Mid-season Report Card: Manor Marussia F1 Team

Manor Marussia F1 Team


Team Score: C


Roberto Merhi: C

Will Stevens: C

In the case of Manor Marussia, maybe they deserve a passing grade for just competing this season. The 'C' rating is in recognition for what is expected from an organization that was formed out of administration in February. The purchased remains of the Marussia F1 team, the Manor Marussia F1 Team's quickly prepared for the 2015 season with drivers Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi.

Showing up in Australia with Ferrari-powered MR03B race cars (2014 Marussia chassis with modifications for the 2015 season), there efforts were literally stalled by a computer software issue with their car. The computer software problem was the answer delivered by the team for not competing but some felt Manor Marussia had no intentions of competing but only appeared by a formality. As a penalty for not being in competitive form for the Formula 1 season opener, the team was forced to pay its freight to the event.

Returning for the Malaysian Grand Prix, both Manor Marussia race cars practiced and qualified but only Roberto Merhi was able to run. Stevens' car didn't start the race due to a fuel system problem. Running just one car, some accused the team of being up to the same shenanigans as suggested was done at the Australian Grand Prix. Races after Malaysia saw both vehicles regularly competing. Since the difficult start to 2015, Stevens and Merhi had each registered to have completed all-but one race a piece.

Ingredients for Second-Half of 2015:

Manor Marussia is the only team to have not scored points in the 2015 Formula 1 championship. Odds are slim that will change this season. One or two events with a massive retirement list could open the top-10 to the team by default.

Despite being at the back of the grid for the entire season so far, Manor Marussia has been building updates to their race car and his spoken optimistically about 2016.

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