Saturday, October 19, 2013

Honda's 2015 Formula 1 Engine Comes to Life on YouTube

BAR-Honda F1 Car Replica at Georgian Auto Show 2005
Photo Credit: Chris Nagy

On Friday, Honda's United Kingdom outlet provided race fans with their first sense of an upcoming Formula 1 powerplant; That sense consisted of sound.

Through a YouTube release, an audio track for the turbocharged, 1.6 liter V-6 racing engine has been made public. An audio-only presentation, the 2015 Honda Formula 1 engine was led across the power band as a sampling for what will be heard on the race track.

The Honda turbocharged V-6 engine is being developed jointly with the McLaren F1 team. While new Formula 1 rules come into place for last year, McLaren's ongoing contract with Mercedes-Benz is delaying Honda's entry until the 2015 season. For the Japanese company re-entering the top-ranked open wheel racing series, the extra time will prove pivotal in developing the full-functional race powerplant.

Until 2015, here is a small dose of what Formula 1 fans can expect from the upcoming McLaren Honda combination:

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