Friday, August 31, 2012

Change to the Website

I apologize that I have been M.I.A. from the website for the past little while. The past few weeks have been a period where I have been attempting to realize ways to better serve you, the readers and consumers of media.

Two months ago, I started 1 Racing Mind in the efforts to improve on XSL Speed Reporter (a name I have to admit, I have lost enthusiasm in utilizing). Unfortunately, having posted over 25 articles I have not been averaging the amount of followers I have been hoping to receive; Not a criticism, the low readership just causes me to wonder if I am over-confident on my reach through this relatively new auto racing blog.

Another problem is my personal approach to this website. Wanting to cover the whole motorsport world, I am starting to realize that it is really not an effective method for providing unique content. Combined with my habit for adding a large amount of information into very piece, I am concluding that this is no longer a constructive way to serve auto racing fans on the Internet.

Needing to make a decision to move forward in a more efficient manner in the future, I have decided to focus on Formula 1 coverage through this website. It's still my intention to cover forms of racing through other channels. Please read for future NASCAR, INDYCAR and sports car racing news. I am also planning an exciting, new prospect I am eager to share with you imminently

Ultimately, I would be humbled by every single person who looks forward to my work. Thank you all readers of my blog articles up to this point and it is my intent to better serve you going forward.

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