Saturday, July 7, 2012


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For almost 3 years, I have been writing the motorsport blog XSL Speed Reporter attacking newsworthy stories across the paddocks of INDYCAR, Formula 1, sports car racing and the garages of NASCAR. Appreciating the audience that has viewed XSL Speed Reporter, I believe the time has come for a change. This change is now 1 Racing Mind.

I will continue my work in providing up-to-date news and information in motorsports, it will be my intent to mix things up a little bit. As I've been writing XSL Speed Reporter, I come to realize maybe I 'm not being creative or inventive enough with my coverage. So many others post motorsports news and I should be during more to define myself as a separate personality. With 1 Racing Mind, I seek to unleash a more distinctive work.

Just like XSL Speed Reporter and its creator, 1 Racing Mind is still proudly Canadian coupled with a worldwide focus.

Thank you and I greatly desire to earn your ongoing readership.

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